How We Offer Value to Our Customers

For over 40 years of customer service history, SoundOff CVP has provided innovative vehicle safety solutions for the markets we serve. Our rich history, commitment to our customers and problem-solving design have resulted in an organization that delivers products and services you can trust.

At SoundOff CVP, you can rely on our capabilities that include:

  • Superior customer relationships
  • Quality safety products
  • Skilled production team
  • Reliability
  • Exceptional sales team
  • Industry knowledge
  • Expert technicians
  • Continuous improvement
  • Global market experience

Smart Design

We integrate Smart Design, a term used to illustrate our problem-solving approach to product development when we bring new products to market.  This design philosophy was evident even in 2002, when we introduced the first LED warning lights for North American school buses, offering improved activation time over traditional incandescent lighting to reduce stopping distance for trailing motorists.  Today, SoundOff CVP is the primary provider of OEM school bus LED lights to help improve the safety of our children.